Read this before trying your FIRST yoga class.

There are so many misconceptions about yoga, and I feel that many students will have these same thoughts before doing their first yoga class. (I know I did, hehe) I have been teaching yoga for over 5 years now and overtime there are 2 statements that always come up for brand new students. So let's get right to it.

''I can't do yoga because I am not flexible.''

This is probably one of my favorite statement because we don't realize that anyone can do yoga no matter how flexible they are. The purpose of yoga is not to be the most flexible person in the world and is also not a competition. I understand that sometimes you could feel intimidated and think "everyone else knows what they're doing and I am going to be here like whaaaaaaat?????" But let me tell you that every person in that class has been in your position before and they are not there to judge you but only to take the class and focus on their own practice.

"Yoga is boring"

Yoga can be boring, yes I said it!!! When I first did my first yoga class I left that class thinking "oufff.... that was boring". I am sure reading this some of you are thinking...did she just say that!?! I did and this is a true story. This was all part of my yoga journey. It is all about your mental state going into the class. I think yoga is a very special thing to practice. Especially if you have a mental or physical goal to reach. This allows you to go deeper in to your practice and really get to most out of what we call "Yoga".

I am making this post today not only to share with new students but also to hear from all current yoga students/teachers on their thoughts on these two statements. That being said, I really hope that after reading this post you will be even more excited to try your first yoga class and I hope that you can it enjoy without having these thoughts.


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