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Forget “perfect” and follow your heart!

Time to explore new options, new adventures, during this void of time that has left the world uncertain and paralyzed. Be strong, calm and go on a little adventure – an adventure you can join whenever you want, wherever you are. This adventure is called Follow-your-heart.

Yep, I know, this is not an easy adventure – but is an adventure an adventure without a challenge? Besides, is your life all roses and easy breezy all the time? If it is you are probably lying to yourself, because no one lives a perfect, happy life all the time. And that’s fine – that’s what living is! Some days we feel on top of the world and other days we feel like digging a dark hole and hide in it. We can feel happier in our life if we share experiences and do more things that excite us, that teach us something, that resonate with our soul. Things that make our heart beat faster.

For many years I thought about how to follow my dream – to live in a tropical climate enjoying a slower, healthier life in the heat of the sun. I’m from Sweden (no, there are no polar bears on the streets but it’s cold and grey enough to be depressing) and me and my family were getting too comfortable, and honestly increasingly sad, in our day-to-day life. Every day was the same. Finally, after a vacation in Sri Lanka, we did a month of research and decided to go for it. “It’s now or never – let’s move!”

We sold our stuff, furniture and cars. We quit our full-time jobs, sold our house and booked three one-way tickets to Sri Lanka. This might sound easy, like a decision made on a whim, but it wasn’t. The process took about seven months and was at times extremely stressful. However, at the same time it was also so refreshing and exciting that we were on the right path. It felt as if everything flowed with the current, in the right direction, leaving us buzzing and with feelings of relief. With our material life packed into six bags we boarded the plane for Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. This was September 2018. and never once have we regretted this move.

To change your life doesn’t mean you need to turn your life upside down. The change doesn’t need to be D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C to count. It can be you taking a course to learn something new, changing a habit, ending an unhealthy relationship, having more time with your family, buy less things or going on a solo-trip somewhere. Our life change contained many small milestones. Whatever size of your dream, the result of following your heart rather than what other people think you “should” do, will be a very positive one.

Never have I felt like this lifestyle is a super easy choice. However, never have I felt more alive. Never have I been more frustrated. However, never have I thought the future looks brighter than it does now. What I’m trying to say is that you need to stop having a vision of the “perfect” dream. The dream will take work, you’ll make mistakes, it will take time and sometimes it will feel impossible to accomplish. But the rewards will be so much greater, and your life will be filled with experiences and feelings that outweigh the negatives. Your heart will fill up with love – both love for yourself, as well as people around you. It is self-care to be brave enough to follow your heart. So, go for it – dare to take the leap and jump into the unknown!

A mental checklist to go through before you pursue your dream: ○ Listen to your heart! What do you want? Refrain from fake dreams that are not really your own wish (like how cool will this dream look on Instagram) and put no judgement into your answer.

○ Will I hurt anyone (or myself) by pursuing this? If yes, choose a different path.

○ Have I done as much research as possible, so I am mentally prepared for this? If yes, great. If no, then invest the time in doing so right now.

○ By following this dream, will your heart beat faster and will it make you feel alive and happier? If yes, then what are you waiting for?

Next week, read about simple, concrete ways to make your dream come true. Until then, think about what your dream is.

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