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8 ways to fulfill your dream

From my last post, you have had soooooo much time. I guess you have thought about what your dream is, right? Oh, you didn’t? Did you also scruff about in your bikini/pyjamas/yoga tights, eating chocolate/baked goodies and doubling/tripling your intake of Netflix? Oh, good, then we’re on the same level. So anyway, let’s take another gulp of coffee, shake things up and dream a bit. Now, sit back and answer these two questions spontaneously, without overthinking:

- What would you like to do more of?

- What makes you feel happy, bubbly and like the sky is painted with rainbows?

Quickly, get a pen & paper (or laptop if you are not as old school as me) and…

1) …write down your answers. Be open-minded. Don’t judge your ideas as doable or financially sound. Just write your answers down – big and small.

2) Word! Look at your paper (or screen) and write down 1-3 dreams which are directly linked with your answers.

3) No pressure. Differentiate between dream and dream job – a dream doesn’t mean you necessarily have to turn your passion or hobby into a business. Dream just for fun!

4) A date. Now put a date on when you want to experience, reach or have achieved this dream (or dreams – don’t be shy!).

5) Get real. Next step is to start from the goal and think backwards; what stuff, how much money, what knowledge or tasks do you need in order to reach your dream? Be as concrete as possible.

6) Action! Pick a dream and begin with step one on your plan. Taking action means you’ve started your journey towards your goal which will lead to your dream. Finalize one step at a time.

7) Your tribe. Remember to surround yourself with people who love you, energize and lift you. There will be people who think your idea is lame, wreckless, stupid and so on. They are probably jealous or have some other issue, but never mind them. These people will pull you down, so stay away from them or don’t talk about your dream with these people. Instead, share your ideas and progress and get energy from the people who believe in you and support you.

8) Lots of mistakes! Don’t let fear hold you back. We all do mistakes…sometimes lots of them! Instead of feeling ashamed of these mistakes – learn from them! Your own experience is always the best teacher.

Now you are on the way to realizing your dream. Good luck and please, leave us a comment about your thoughts and dreams or about your challenges when it comes to realizing them! Basically, bring on anything dreamy in the comments!! PS. Found this picture ages ago, so I don’t know who to credit for it but I love it. It's my laptop background since two years back and taped onto my kitchen wall.


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